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Will be coming home with students on

November 17th!!!

Student Survey

New Business

Board Mtg - Jan 30, 24 @ 4pm

Our School...

Liberty Sch Hours:

Summertime:  8am to 3pm

Monday thru Thursday

Jr High - 8a to 2:45p M-Th

High Sch - 8:30a to 2:30p M-Th

Night Sch - 1p to 5p M-Th

We serve grades 7 through 12

Location & Mailing address are:

1300 Cedar St, Globe AZ 85501

FAX: 928-402-8328

Mitigation Plan - COVID-19 Response

LHS High n Jr High - LOGO.jpg
RAHS  -  Line list.jpg

Liberty High School

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